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Shatter Your 9-5 Chains.
Transform Interests into Wealth.

You've Given Your All to Elevate OTHERS.
Now It's Your Time.

Life is too short to live on someone else's terms...

The fun is gone from your 9-5.
But you have a lot more to give.

You dreamed of breaking out of your boss’ cage so you can:

  • Work on your terms

  • Pursue your interests

  • Build your own business

You don't know where to start.

Digital Entrepreneurship feel overwhelming.There's SO MUCH advice out there...You have the skills but you don’t know how to attract clients.Those next steps feel complicated.I've been there too....Lost not knowing which path to follow.I failed countless times, before I started figuring things out...

In Under six months, I:

  • Built an engaged audience

  • Attracted high-paying clientale

  • Earned consulting gigs through LinkedIn & Twitter DM's


By starting a Personal BrandBy building relationships with QUALITY followers.By developing content and engagement strategies that solves problems for THEM.

My "Secret Sauce"?

  • Understanding my audience

  • Sharing high-value content

  • Nurturing relationships

My personal brand strategy has opened-up a world of opportunities and freedom.And I want to share it with you.

You Have Doubts...

Can I make enough cash?Can I find "my" clients?Can I stick with it?Am I too late?I've been there.But let me tell you:IF I CAN DO IT, SO CAN YOU.Starting a personal brand isn't about technical knowledge or being a marketing whiz...

Starting your own personal brand is about giving value and being authentic.

They're about sharing your passions and knowledge with an audience who value it.They're about using your skills, expertise, and wisdom to help others.They're about creating long-term leverage.And building superfans.

Let me help you break out of your 9-5 chains.LET'S BUILD YOUR DREAM TOGETHERHere's What You'll Get Over Four - 40 Minute Structured Coaching Calls...In Just 4 Weeks.


Brand Alchemy Strategy & Coaching

Learn to craft an influential personal brand that magnetizes your target audience and propels you towards thought leadership.
You'll receive guidance on creating brand pillars, brand positioning, style guidelines, finding your brand "superpower", and more.
Materials include custom E-Books, Templates, and more.


Growth Blueprint

Your follower base is key to a thriving personal brand.
Follow a tried-and-true blueprint to grow, engage, and build loyalty with your audience, establishing yourself as a trusted authority.
You'll get deliverables on how much to post, frameworks for Tweets/content, and more.
I'll also give you my personal database of 150 Viral Threads, organized by hook, category, and content - and plenty of customized materials and advice along the way.


Profile Power-Up: Optimize, Captivate, and Master.

I'll help enhance your presence by helping you optimize your profile.
Together, we will fine-tune your profile, banner, bio, CTA links and overall appearance to captivate your audience and map to your Brand goals.
I'll also provide regular feedback to help elevate your tweets and threads, and turn casual scrollers into engaged followers.


Power Tools Tech Training

Master the art of wielding cutting-edge tech tools.
1-1 training and content empowers you to automate processes, widen your digital reach, and thrive in a tech-savvy environment.
Tools covered include your choice of: Chat GPT, Tweet Hunter, HypeFury, Canva, Notion, ConvertKit, Carrd, and more.


Offer Crafting 101: Perfect Your Pitch

Every successful career transition needs a compelling offer.
I'll advise you in crafting yours when you're ready, including advice on your landing page, email sequences, offer positioning, and more.


VIP Support and Accountability

Stay motivated and on track with personalized guidance, feedback, and encouragement from your dedicated career transition and twitter coach.
Direct email and DM support and help.

Limited Time Bonuses

Bonus 01.

Ghost Writer Kickstart: 20 Custom-Crafted Tweets

Starting a "brand" can feel overwhelming - especially when it comes to creating engaging content.
I'll craft your first 20 tweets (or LinkedIn posts) FOR YOU, setting the tone for your personal brand.
Value: $500

Bonus 02.

Accountability Check-ins

Just because our time ends, doesn't mean our relationship will.
To add more structure and accountability, we'll schedule two more check-ins to make sure you're on track and keep you moving at the 8 and 12 week marks.
Value: $750

Bonus 03.

Brand Actualizer Engagement Group

Join a ready built network of curated creators willing/ready to engage with like-minded creators.
Value: $250

Bonus 04.

Re-Tweet Package from Premium Accounts

Social Proof is critical to Twitter.
It's not enough to say you've done X - you need to show it.
I'll make personally make sure you get three ReTweets from big accounts on your best content.
Value: $500

Bonus 05.

Drive and Convert: Discounts on Landing Pages, Ads, and Writing

Most internet businesses struggle with two big challenges:
Driving traffic and converting visitors into buyers.
Take out the guesswork here with massive discounts on landing pages, advertising services, ghost writing packages, and more.
Value: $2000+

Coaching Testimonials

My Guarantee

I’m not asking you to decide yes or no today...
I'm asking you to make a fully informed decision, that is all.
If after the first month you don't feel better equipped and more confident in building your personal brand and audience, I will personally work with you for an additional month at no extra charge.

If you're still not sure - let's hop on a quick call so you can learn more about my coaching and methodology.Just an opportunity to see if we're a good fit; no strings.

It's Your Turn...

  • Choose Happiness.

  • Find Greater Purpose.

  • Build a Thriving Brand.

  • Break Free from the 9-5.

  • Live & Work on YOUR Terms.

Let's Get Started...

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